Bombay 8 The one and ONLY Bombay 8 in Warrington! Bombay 8 5 Star Food Hygiene

Bombay 8 Indian Restaurant in Warrington

A fabulous new restaurant located in Gemini, Warrington, serving real wholesome food from the Indian sub-continent in a modern setting.

Perfect for sociable dining, a delicious lunch, evening meal or takeaway to be enjoyed at home. A warm inviting place with fabulous atmosphere this venue definitely adds an element of style to any occasion.

Our menu is based on the highest quality produce and fresh seasonal ingredients from all corners of South East Asia. Our chefs possess a vast wealth of experience and knowledge to bring out the sublime taste, daring to be different.

Offering fabulous food between 12noon to 11pm everyday.

NB - Bombay 8 has one branch in Warrington. Others may try to imitate but this is the only Indian restaurant you need!

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